Connecting All People and Safeguarding Human Rights

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IGF 2022 PN Meaningful Access: From Policy to Implementation: Lessons and Good Practices to Advance Meaningful Access

The concept of meaningful access has emerged in response to the growing body of evidence that even when people have connectivity, they might not have been fully benefiting from the Internet. How one gets connected to the Internet is an equally important challenge to the experience that person will have once they are online.

IGF 2022 BPF Gender & Digital Rights: Regulatory Practices - A Friend or Foe to Gender and Digital Rights?

Human rights must be observed in all aspects of one’s life – personal and professional, online and offline. On the Internet, both female and LGBTQIA+ communities have found safe spaces to freely express themselves. Similarly, journalists and human rights activists were able to exercise their right to freedom of expression without being targeted as if they were using traditional media. Notwithstanding, censorship based on sex and gender still happen, persecution of dissident voices, likewise.

[NRIs] Cooperating to protecting data at local levels

Description of the Session
The world is spinning around many data protection frameworks. Europe came with General Data Protection Regulation. Africa developed Malabo Convention. In the Caribbean, discussions are ongoing about a regional data protection act. Asia has its own framework. Out of 193 member states, 137 have developed legislation to secure the protection of data and privacy[1].