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IGF 2019 A taxonomy for Internet Governance Schools


Dynamic Coalition on Schools on Internet Goverance

Round Table - Circle - 90 Min


Since the session at the 2018 IGF and throughout year, work has continued on developing a Taxonomy for Schools on Internet Governance 9SIG). There is a great variety among existing programs and diverse features of the various types of schools that often makes it difficult to talk about these SIGs and to describe them in a less ambiguous manner. The program this year involves coming to agreement on a first revision on the Taxonomy document. The plan for this session would be to work though any remaining issues in the doc so that it can be used as a tool for the new schools that are being formed every year and as the basis for the next steps in the DC SIG work. One important part of having the discussions at the IGF meeting before finalizing, is the inclusion of non DC members to makes sure the work makes sense to the larger community. A draft of the paper will be published before the annual IGF meeting.


Sandra Hoferichter, Rainer Rodewald; EuroSSIG Anriette Esterhuysen; AfriSIG, Association for Progressive Communication Avri Doria, SIG Faculty; Technicalities


Sandra Hoferichter - Moderator Avri Doria - Rapporteur Round table composed of reps from the various Schools


GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 17: Partnerships for the Goals

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