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IGF 2019: NRIs Preparatory Process

IGF 2019: NRIs Preparatory Process

The NRIs Network works toward achieving joint objectives: 1) integration in the IGF 2019 by organizing several sessions and hosting a booth; 2) Strengthening the IGF 2019 intersessional work by contributing with good practices; 3) Advising on IGF improvements; 4) Exchanging good practices among NRIs to improve national and regional processes. On these, the NRIs Network meets bi-monthly virtually. All NRIs meetings are open to everyone. Below are the summaries of the NRIs meetings and other announcements.

2019 NRIs Meetings Summaries

NRIs at IGF 2019 in Berlin

NRIs at IGF 2019 Annual Meeting were represented through the following programme components:

  1. NRIs Main Session:Emerging Technologies and their interfaces with inclusion, security and human Rights
  2. NRIs Coordination Session
  3. Six NRIs Collaborative Sessions focused on:
  4. NRIs Booth at the IGF Village

Photos of the NRIs at the IGF 2019 are available at the IGF 2019 Flickr.

Key Facts about the NRIs Preparatory Process for integration into the IGF 2019 annual meeting

The NRIs representation at the IGF 2019 was planned through an open, consultative, bottom-up process among all NRIs. Below is a key overview of the planning process, summarized in the summary reports of virtual meetings, noted above.


  • Session Guidelines: NRIs consultations closed on 27 May 2019 on this draft . The final document is available here.
  • Joint/Main session proposal was agreed through a several-months long consultative process, available in this document.
  • NRIs Call for determining topics of mutual interest for the main session and collaborative sessions closed on  1 May 2019, 23:59 p.m. UTC after 8 weeks. An overview of submitted available here.
  • 37 different inputs receivedfrom 45 NRIs
    • Initial analysis indicated that the biggest interest is focused on the: 1) Digital Inclusion and Accessibility; 2) Cybersecurity, Trust and Privacy; 3) Human Rights. The notion of new digital technologies was intersecting with the majority of inputs.
  • NRIs Collaborative Sessions selected, based on the above-received inputs and follow-up analyses by the NRIs. The overview of all proposals is available here.