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2019-2020 Stocktaking Contributions

Taking Stock of the IGF 2019 and Call for Inputs for the IGF 2020: List of Received Inputs (posted as received)



  1. June Parris (in a personal capacity)
  2. Kennedy Rubben (in a personal capacity)
  3. Rabie Bouyahiaoui (in a personal capacity)
  4. Federica Tortorella (in a personal capacity)
  5. Judith Hellerstein (in a personal capacity)
  6. Pajaro Velasquez Juan (in a personal capacity) 
  7. Avis Momeni (in a personal capacity)
  8. Nguyễn Minh quo Quoc (in a personal capacity)
  9. Sufian Khalfalla (in a personal capacity)
  10. Nadira Alaraj (in a personal capacity)
  11. Shin Yamasaki (in a personal capacity)
  12. Muriel Alapini (in a personal capacity) 
  13. Amali De Silva - Mitchell (in a personal capacity) 
  14. Dan Caprion (in a personal capacity)
  15. Abdoul Aziz Issaka Hassane (in personal capacity)
  16. Carlos Afonso (in a personal capacity) 
  17. Anna Kotarska (in a personal capacity) 
  18. Raul Echeberria (in a personal capacity) 
  19. Mary Uduma (in a personal capacity) 
  20. Dr. Evelyne Tauchnitz (in a personal capacity)
  21. Concettina Cassa (in a personal capacity)
  22. RayZnews (submitted by: Rayamajhi Shreedeep)
  23. FGI Cote D'ivoire (submitted by: Salyou Fanny)
  24. IGF Guinea Conakry for the Parliament of young leaders of Guinean civil society (submitted by: Thierno Abdoul Bah)
  25. African Internet Governance Forum (Submitted by: Makane Faye)
  26. Vanuatu IGF (Submitted by: Jackson Miake)
  27. TIM Technology Services Ltd (submitted by: Timothy K. Asiedu) 
  28. Usuarios Digitales (submitted by:  Velazco Alfredo)
  29. Social Media Matters (submitted by: Amitabh Kumar) 
  30. European Commission (submitted by: Valentina Scialpi)
  31. APC (submitted by: Deborah Brown) 
  32. ISOC (submitted by: Requel Gatto) 
  33. Government of United States of America (submitted by: Susan Chalmers) 
  34. Governance Primer (submitted by: Mark Datysgeld) 
  35. Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) (submitted by: Livia Walpen) 
  36. ICC BASIS (submitted by: Timea Suto)
  37. Cybersecurity Association of China (submitted by: Yang Xiaobo)
  38. Coding Rights (submitted by: Bruna Martins dos Santos) 
  39. Albania IGF (submitted by: Fotjon Kosta) 
  40. iNGO European Media Platfor (submitted by: Oksana Prykhodko) 
  41. HEDERA Sustainable Solutions (submitted by: Diaz Durana)

The IGF Secretariat will produce a synthesis paper of all contributions received by the deadline, which will serve as an input to the 1st face-to-face Open Consultations and MAG Meeting of the 2020 IGF preparatory process.​ 

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