2019-2020 Stocktaking Contributions

Taking Stock of the IGF 2019 and Call for Inputs for the IGF 2020*:

List of Received Inputs (posted as received)

  1. June Parris (in a personal capacity)
  2. Kennedy Rubben (in a personal capacity)
  3. Rabie Bouyahiaoui (in a personal capacity)
  4. Federica Tortorella (in a personal capacity)
  5. Judith Hellerstein (in a personal capacity)
  6. Pajaro Velasquez Juan (in a personal capacity) 
  7. Avis Momeni (in a personal capacity)
  8. Nguyễn Minh quo Quoc (in a personal capacity)
  9. Sufian Khalfalla (in a personal capacity)
  10. Nadira Alaraj (in a personal capacity)
  11. Shin Yamasaki (in a personal capacity)
  12. Muriel Alapini (in a personal capacity) 
  13. Amali De Silva - Mitchell (in a personal capacity) 
  14. Dan Caprion (in a personal capacity)
  15. Abdoul Aziz Issaka Hassane (in personal capacity)
  16. Carlos Afonso (in a personal capacity) 
  17. Anna Kotarska (in a personal capacity) 
  18. Raul Echeberria (in a personal capacity) 
  19. Mary Uduma (in a personal capacity) 
  20. Dr. Evelyne Tauchnitz (in a personal capacity)
  21. Concettina Cassa (in a personal capacity)
  22. RayZnews (submitted by: Rayamajhi Shreedeep)
  23. FGI Cote D'ivoire (submitted by: Salyou Fanny)
  24. IGF Guinea Conakry for the Parliament of young leaders of Guinean civil society (submitted by: Thierno Abdoul Bah)
  25. African Internet Governance Forum (Submitted by: Makane Faye)
  26. Vanuatu IGF (Submitted by: Jackson Miake)
  27. TIM Technology Services Ltd (submitted by: Timothy K. Asiedu) 
  28. Usuarios Digitales (submitted by:  Velazco Alfredo)
  29. Social Media Matters (submitted by: Amitabh Kumar) 
  30. European Commission (submitted by: Valentina Scialpi)
  31. APC (submitted by: Deborah Brown) 
  32. ISOC (submitted by: Requel Gatto) 
  33. Government of United States of America (submitted by: Susan Chalmers) 
  34. Governance Primer (submitted by: Mark Datysgeld) 
  35. Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) (submitted by: Livia Walpen) 
  36. ICC BASIS (submitted by: Timea Suto)
  37. Cybersecurity Association of China (submitted by: Yang Xiaobo)
  38. Coding Rights (submitted by: Bruna Martins dos Santos) 
  39. Albania IGF (submitted by: Fotjon Kosta) 
  40. iNGO European Media Platfor (submitted by: Oksana Prykhodko) 
  41. HEDERA Sustainable Solutions (submitted by: Diaz Durana)

*All IGF stakeholders were invited to submit by 10 January 2020 inputs to the IGF Secretariat to assist with the planning for the 2020 annual IGF meeting to be held in Poland.

The IGF Secretariat produced a synthesis paper of all contributions received by the deadline, which served as an input to the 1st face-to-face Open Consultations and MAG Meeting of the 2020 IGF preparatory process.​