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Youth Initiatives

Youth Initiatives of the IGF are created with a goal of encouraging and involving young people in substantive discussion on Internet governance. These IGF formations, as well as national, sub-regional and regional IGFs, are expected to follow the main IGF principles of being open, inclusive, non-commercial with a multistakeholder participation during the whole preparatory phase and the event itself, all in line with a bottom up decision making process.

Below table shows the current record of the existing Youth Initiatives.


Youth IGF Initiatives



2016 and 2017 Annual Meeting Information

Annual Meeting Report

Youth IGF Movement 

Youth IGF Movement aims to give the opportunity of equal multi-stakeholder participation in the building process of the Information Society to teenagers and young people from different countries of the world. It was created in 2011.

Multiple meetings. Details here.

Youth IGF Movement Annual 2016 Report
Youth IGF Project     Youth IGF Project was organized in UK in 2009 year, with the goal of engaging young people in the Internet governance discussion.  Initiative inactive Initiative inactive

Netherlands Youth IGF   

Youth IGF of Netherlands was established in 2016 year, with the main idea of engaging young people of Netherlands in the discussion on Internet governance and bringing their voices to the global IGF discussion agenda.

13 October 2016, Netherlands


German Youth IGF   

German Youth IGF was established in 2013 year, with the aim to introduce the idea of Internet governance amongst youth and bring young people from Germany into the relevant discussion on national, regional and global level.

9 September 2016, Germany


Asia Pacific Youth IGF  

With a dedication to raise the awareness of youth on Internet governance matters and encourage the young generations to participate in the policy discussion, the Youth IGF of Asia Pacific region was initiated in 2010.

26 -29 July 2016,      Taipei

Asia Pacific Youth IGF Annual 2016 Report


Youth IGF of Latin America and Caribbean was established in 2016 year, in order to increase the participation of young people in Internet Governance related discussion in this respective region.

        26 July 2016,           Costa Rica

Youth LACIGF Annual 2016 Report


Youth IGF of Hong Kong


Youth IGF of Hong Kong was establised in 2016 year. This Initiative aims to provide a platform for younger generation in Hong Kong to speak up on Internet Governance issues, build up sense of digital citizenship of students, raise awarenes on Internet givernance issues and to familiarize the community with the yIGF model, all in order to equip participants with skills and knowledge for future participation in actual Internet policy-making discussion

          25 June 2016,          Hong Kong

Hong Kong Youth IGF Annual 2016 Report
Youth IGF of Turkey

Youth IGF of Turkey is focused on gathering inputs on the Internet governance related matters from young people in Turkey, and on creating a unique forum for the youth to discuss these matters.

3 December 2016, Istanbul, Turkey  

Note: The above information are being published as received.

In case you would like to organize a Youth IGF, or to engage in any of the existing ones, please contact the IGF Secretariat at agengo[at]unog[dot]ch.


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