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Set up IGF 2021 Remote Hub

IGF 2021 Music Night

IGF 2022 MAG Renewal

IGF 2021 Town Hall: 20 Sep at 13 UTC

IGF 2021 Travel Support

Do you plan to come to the 16th IGF in Katowice?

Invitation to the 16th IGF

IGF 2021 Selected Workshops

Host networking sessions at IGF 2021

Public survey on Dynamic Coalitions

IGF 2021 Session Proposals

Do you plan to come to the 16th IGF in Katowice?

2nd IGF 2021 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

Apply for IGF 2021 Village Booth

''Our Digital Future'' - capacity development workshops

PNMA Multistakeholder Working Group

Briefing update: Multistakeholder High-level Body (14 June at 13:00 UTC)

About Hybrid Format

IGF 2021 Guide to Issues and Policy Questions

IGF PNE Multistakeholder Working Group

IGF 2021 Call for Session Proposals

IGF 2021 Focus Areas

Consultations on para 93(a) of Roadmap for Digital Cooperation: Summary of inputs received

UN DESA USG Letter to the MAG

Community Inputs for new IGF website welcomed by 9 March

Consultations on para 93(a) of the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation (by 8 March)

Launch of Policy Network on Environment and Digitalisation

IGF 2021 Analysis of Received Thematic Inputs

IGF 2021 Open Consultations & MAG Meeting (22-24 Feb)

IGF 2021 Stocktaking: Synthesis Output Document

New Vacancy Announcement: PNE Consultant 16/02/21

New Vacancy Announcement: Evaluation Consultant 05/02/21

IGF 2020 Outputs | Infographics

MAG Virtual Meeting Open to All Stakeholders 9 Feb 13:00 UTC

IGF 2021 Call for Thematic Inputs

New Vacancy Announcement: Fundraising Consultant 30/01/21

New Consultancy Vacancy (posted on 15/01/2021)

IGF 2020 Taking Stock and Suggest Improvements for 2021

IGF 2021 MAG Appointed

IGF 2020 UN Secretary-General's Remarks

IGF 2020 Meeting Page

Join NRIs Coordination Session on 16 Dec at 14:00 UTC

IGF 2020 Closing UN Press Release

IGF 2020 Open Mic Session (25 Nov at 14:00 UTC)

IGF 2020 UN Press Release / Virtual Press Conference

IGF 2020 Session Transcripts and Recordings

IGF 2020 Opening Remarks: PGA; ECOSOC President; UN DESA USG

How to connect to IGF 2020?

IGF 2020 Live Streaming

IGF 2020 Schedule

IGF 2020 Village

IGF 2020 Announcement

BPF Outputs

Guide to Issues & Themes

MAG Chair's Online Discussions

IGF 2020 draft Schedule

BPF Cybersecurity Call for contributions open until 17 October

IGF 2020 WEBINARS for Organizers, Speakers, Hubs and everyone: 12th and 14th October

IGF 2020 Remote Hubs

BPF Gender & Access Survey available until 20 September

Youth IGF Summit: Survey available until 15 September

BPF Local Content Survey available until 6 September

MAG 2021 Renewal

IGF 2020 Overarching theme and final dates announced

IGF 2020 Selected Workshops and Open Forums

Latest engagement at UN meetings

Join IGF 2020 Outreach Event at WSIS Forum: 3 August at 12:00 UTC

DESA USG Letter to the MAG on SG's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

2nd Open Consultations & MAG Meeting Summary

BPF Local Content Survey 

UK Government grant for redevelopment of IGF website

IGF in your language

Suggest high-level speakers for the 15th IGF

Update from the Host Country

Call for IGF 2020 Remote Hubs

New MAG Chair's Blog

Call for IGF 2020 Workshops | Open Forums | Pre-Events

Call for IGF 2020 Village Booths 

Apply for IGF 2020 Travel Support

Participate in the IGF Music Night

IGF 2020 Outreach Webinar

Call to NRIs to Apply for Financial Grants (Deadline: 3 March)

Call for Validation of IGF 2020 Thematic Tracks Analysis

Call for Validation of IGF 2020 Thematic Tracks Closed 6 February

IGF 2020 First Open Consultations & MAG meeting concluded in Geneva

Feedback on IGF 2019 and Suggestions for IGF 2020

IGF 2019 Chair's Summary & Outputs

MAG 2020 Chair and members appointed

IGF 2019 Bilateral Rooms

IGF 2019 Remote Hubs

Capacity Development in Internet Governance

IGF 2019 Selected Workshops, Open Forums, Day 0 Events, DC Sessions, NRIs Sessions and IGF Village

IGF2019: Submit requests to book Bilateral Rooms

IGF 2019 Theme: One World. One Net. One Vision.

Invitation to the 14th Annual Meeting of the IGF

IGF 2020 MAG Renewal

IGF 2019 Call for Travel Support

IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

IGF 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals | DC Sessions | Open Forums | Pre-Events | Booths

IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

IGF 2019 Call for Issues: Results Analysis

IGF 2019 Previous Vacancies: BPF Consultants

IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

IGF 2019 Call for Issues: Initial Results Analysis

IGF 2019 Website

Annual Stocktaking Call & Synthesis

Final IGF 2018 Chair's Summary

IGF 2018 Key Messages

Speeches and Remarks by UN Officials & President of France

IGF 2018 UN Press Releases

MAG 2019 (Press Releases)

Commenting on 2018 Intersessional Work was Open 

Invitation to 13th IGF from UN Under-Secretary-General

Registration (including Press)

IGF 2018 Interactive Schedule

IGF 2018 Social Media Guidance

Bilateral Meeting Rooms at IGF

Read about DCs & the SDGs

IGF 2018: 'Internet of Trust' - See the Schedule [Source File]

IGF 2018 Remote Hubs

2018 IGF & MAG Press Releases

IGF 2019 MAG Renewal

IGF 2018 Selected Workshops 

IGF 2018 Approved Open Forums

IGF 2018 Village

Message from the MAG Chair

Notice to IGF Community on Day 0

Calls for IGF 2018 Open Forums, DC Sessions and IGF Village Booths CLOSED 29th June 23:59 UTC

IGF 2018 Workshops Deadline was EXTENDED: until 6 JUNE 23:59 UTC [Proposal Form]

Note on the IGF 2018 Call for Issues (See Submissions)

IGF 2018 Call for Issues CLOSED (Deadline was 13 Apr / noon UTC): See Submissions

IGF 2018 Call for Issues: Community Input Wanted!

Full Programme - 1st Open Consultations & MAG Meeting

Synthesis Paper & Community Inputs: IGF 2017-2018 Stocktaking

MAG 2018 Announced (Press Release to Follow)

Synthesis Paper & Community Inputs: IGF 2017-2018 Stocktaking

12th IGF Chair's Summary

IGF 2017 Transcripts, Videos & Reports

12th IGF Taking Stock: Call for Inputs Closed

Lightning Talks @ IGF 2017

IGF 2017 'Geneva Messages'

IGF 2017 Statistics

IGF 2017 Photos / Press Releases / Press Resources

IGF 2017 Schedule

IGF 2017 Cultural Events

IGF 2017: Info for Persons with Disabilities

Remote Hubs at IGF 2017

Social Media at 12th IGF

Comment on Cybersecurity BPF Draft Output and DC Papers!

IGF 2018 MAG Renewal Announcement [Nomination Form]

Fill out the Gender BPF Survey!

Cybersecurity BPF: Inputs Wanted!

CENB III: Call for Inputs Extended to 31 July

IGF Info Session @ WSIS Forum 2017 - Thurs 15 June, 13:15

Latest MAG Meeting Summary Available (9 May)

Deadline for IGF 2017 Workshop Proposals is 3 May: See Call & Submission Form

See Summary of Latest MAG Discussions - Virtual Meeting III, 11 April 2017

Summary of IGF 2017 First Open Consultations & MAG Meeting

First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting: 1-3 March 2017

2017 MAG Members and MAG Chair Announced 

IGF 2016 Lightning & Unconference Sessions Feedback Form (Submission deadline was 17 Feb 2017)

Call for Inputs - Taking Stock of 2016 & Looking Ahead to 2017 (Deadline for submitting inputs was 27 Jan 2017) - List of Contributions

11th IGF Daily Video Highlights

On behalf of the UN Secretary-General, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) invited all stakeholders to submit names of candidates to serve on the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG). The deadline for nominations was 16 December 2016. Please see the announcement for more information.

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