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MAG 2016 Members

Below is the list of MAG members for 2016, with affiliations, stakeholder groups and terms served, including the current one. The list is followed by links to the previous MAGs, from 2011 to 2015. 

This list includes former IGF Host Country representatives as well as representatives of intergovernmental organizations that contribute to the MAG's work. 



• Ms. St. Amour, Lynn (Technical Community, 1 term) 

  Boston, USA – CEO, Internet Matters 

Honorary Host Country Co-Chair

 • Mr. Victor Lagunes

   Mexico City, Mexico – CIO, Office of the President of Mexico


Ms. Abdulla, Rasha  (Civil Society, 1 term)

  Cairo, Egypt – Associate Professor at the American University in Cairo

• Ms. Andersdotter Amelia*  (Civil Society, 3 terms)

  Orsundsbro, Sweden - Membership, Pirate Party

Ms. Aquino Ribeiro, Renata (Civil Society, 1 term)

  Researcher and teacher, E. I. Consulting, Fortaleza, Brazil

Mr. Iliya Bazlyankov (Private Sector, 1 term) 

  Sofia, Bulgaria – CIO, UNICART 

• Mr. Bhatia, Virat (Private Sector, 3 terms)

  New Delhi, India - Chairman, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Communication and Digital Economy Committee 

• Ms. Bidart, Silvia (Private Sector, 2 terms)

  Buenos Aires, Argentina - Director General, Federation of ICT Ibero-Latin American Industry National Associations

• Ms. Bou Harb, Zeina (Government, 1 term)

  Beirut, Lebanon – OGERO Telecom, Ministry of Telecommunications

• Mr. Boukadoum, Mourad (Government, 3 terms)

  Geneva, Switzerland – Counselor, Permanent Mission of Algeria

• Ms. Caballero, María Victoria Romero (Government, 3 terms)

  Geneva, Switzerland – First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Mexico

• Ms. Cade, Marilyn (Private Sector, 3 terms)

  Falls Church, USA – CEO, Strategies mCADE llc

Mr. Casasbuenas, Julian  (Civil Society, 1 term)

  Bogota, Colombia - Director, Colnodo

• Mr. Cheon, Billy Mooho (Government, 1 term)

  Seoul, Republic of Korea – General Researcher, Korea Internet & Security Agency

• Mr. Dengate Thrush, Peter (Technical Community, 2 terms)

  Wellington, New Zealand – Counsel, Barrister

Mr. Donkor, Wisdom (Government, 1 term)

  Accra, Ghana – Information Technology Manager, Technical Lead for Ghana Open Data Initiative, National Information Technology Agency

• Ms. Doria, Avri (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Providence, USA – Independent Researcher, DBA Technicalities 

• Ms. Elanskaya, Yulia (Government, 2 terms)

  Moscow, Russian Federation - Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communication

• Mr. Elgamal, Hossam (Private Sector, 3 terms)

  Cairo, Egypt - Board Member, AfICTA – Africa ICT Alliance

 Ms. Erramuspe, Alejandra  (Government, 1 term)

  Montevideo, Uruguay – Communications Manager and Head of Internet Governance, Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información y el  Conocimiento 

• Mr. Fernández González, Juan Alfonso (Government, 2 terms)

  Havana, Cuba – Advisor, Ministry of Communications

• Mr. Estrada, Miguel Ignacio(Government, 1 term)

  Buenos Aires, Argentina – National Director of Internet Policy and Development, Ministry of Moderisation

Ms. Franz, Liesyl I. (Government, 1 term)

  Washington, D.C., USA – Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues at the Department of State

• Mr. Gjorgjinski, Ljupco Jivan (Government, 3 terms)

  Skopje, Macedonia – Assistant Director, Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia

• Ms. Ho, Bianca Caroline (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Hong Kong, China - NetMission Ambassador, NetMission.Asia

Ho Chi Ping, Patrick (Technical Community, 1 term)

  Hong Kong, China - Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General at China Energy Fund Committee 

Ms. Hutchison, Laura  (Technical Community, 1 term)

  Oxford, United Kingdom – Policy Executive at Nominet

• Ms. Jere, Towela (Government, 3 terms)

  Johannesburg, South Africa - Programmes Manager, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency

• Ms. Kaspar, Lea (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Zagreb, Croatia – Programme Lead, Global Partners Digital

• Ms. Kee, Jac sm (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Women's Rights Programme Manager, Association for Progressive Communications

• Mr. Kenyanito, Ephraim Percy (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Eldoret, Kenya – Policy Fellow, Access

• Ms. Laksmi, Shita (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Jakarta, Indonesia – Programme Manager, HIVOS Regional Office Southeast Asia

• Ms. Lazanski, Dominique (Private Sector, 2 terms)

  London, United Kingdom – Public Policy Director, GSM Association

• Mr. Lee, Xiaodong (Technical Community, 3 terms)

  Beijing, China – Chief Executive Officer, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)

• Ms. Mahmutovic, Aida (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Co-chair, Center for Internet governance

• Mr. Mansoor Ansari, Omar (Private Sector, 1 term)

  Kabul, Afghanistan – President, TechNation Afghanistan 

• Mr. Markovic, Slobodan (Technical Community, 2 terms)

  Belgrade, Serbia - Advisor for ICT Policy and Internet Community Relations, Serbian National Internet Domain Registry

• Mr. Mazzone, Giacomo (Media, 3 terms)

  Geneva, Switzerland - Head of Institutional Relations, European Broadcasting Union

• Ms. Miller, Cheryl Ann (Private Sector, 2 terms)

  Washington, USA – Director of International Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Verizon

• Mr. Moisander, Juuso (Government, 2 terms)

  Sipoo, Finland - Commercial Secretary, Information Society and ICT, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Mr. MohammedMuataz (Government, 1 term

  Khartoum, Sudan – Head of Monitoring and Response, Sudan Computer and Emergency Response Team

• Mr. Nelson, Michael (Private Sector, 3 terms)

  Washington DC, USA - Public Policy, CloudFlare, and Adjunct Professor, Internet Studies, Georgetown University

• Ms. Okutani, Izumi (Technical Community, 3 terms)

  Tokyo, Japan – Policy Liaison, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

• Mr. Olugbile, Segun (Private Sector, 2 terms)

  Abuja, Nigeria – CEO, Continental Project Affairs Associates

• Mr. Onyango, Douglas  (Technical Community, 1 term)

  Kampala, Uganda – Chief technology officer at Delta IT Solutions 

• Mr. Ostrowski, Igor* (Private Sector, 2 terms)

  Warsaw, Poland – Chairman, Polish Digitization Council

• Ms. Paque, Virginia (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Maracay, Venezuela – Director Internet Governance Programmes, DiploFoundation

• Mr. Pérez Galindo, Rafael (Government, 1 term)

  Madrid, Spain – Head of Unit, Directorate for Information Society Services, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

• Mr. Rhijn van, Arnold (Government, 1 term)

 The Hague, Netherlands– Senior Policy Advisor/Project Manager, Telecommunications Market Directorate, Ministry of Economic Affairs 

Mr. Sabir, Sumon Ahmed (Technical Community, 1 term)

  Dhaka, Bangladesh – Chief Strategy Officer at Fiber@Home Limited

• Ms. Sakalova, Marianne (Civil Society, 2 terms)

  Minsk, Belarus – Consultant on Internet related Policies, Legal Transformations Center

Mr. Son, Tran Van (Government, 1 term

  Geneva, Switzerland – Permanent Mission of Viet Nam 

Ms. Tamanikaiwaimaro, Salanieta(Civil Society, 1 term) 

  Suva, Fiji – President, South Pacific Computer Society 

Ms. Thomas Raynaud, Elizabeth (Private Sector, 1 term)

  Paris, France - Senior Policy Executive, Digital Economy and Project Director at International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

• Mr. Valdez, German (Technical Community, 2 terms)

  Brisbane, Australia – Executive Secretary, Number Resource Organisation

• Mr. Wagner, Flávio (Technical Community, 2 terms)

  Porto Alegre, Brazil – Board Member, Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br) 

Mr. Wanawit, Akhuputra (Government, 1 term) 

   Bangkok, Thailand – Deputy Executive Director, Electronic Transactions Development Agency, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology


* The member has changed the initial stakeholder group from Government to private sector. The change has been made accordingly. 

The seat for this stakeholder group will be removed as soon as the member's tenure ends.



The following former IGF host countries are also invited to attend and contribute to MAG meetings:

• Greece

• Brazil - designated Mr. Igor Resende (Deputy Head of the Information Society Division, on behalf of the  Communication Ministry of Brazil) as representative.

• India - designated Mr. Rahul Gosain (Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India) as representative.

• Egypt - designated Ms. Christine Arida (Director of Telecom Services and Planning Division, National Telecom Regulatory Authority) as representative.

• Lithuania

• Kenya - designated Mr. Dennis  Chebitwey (Director of Public Communications, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology of Kenya) as representative.

• Azerbaijan - designated Mr. Nariman Hajiyev (Manager of Project "Modernization of sustainability and efficiency of the ICT infrastructure and services in the Republic of Azerbaijan", Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies) as representative.

• Indonesia - designated Mr. Moedjiono, Sardjoeni (National ICT Council Executive Team Member) as representative.

• Turkey - designated Mr. Ihsan Durdu (Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Transport and Communications) as representative. 


Representatives of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and European Commission:

• Council of Europe - Mr. Lee Hibbard, Coordinator for Internet Governance and Information Society

• European Commission - Ms. Cristina Monti, International Relations Officer, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

• International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - Ms. Despoina Sareidaki, Policy Analyst

• UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

• UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) - Mr. Makane Faye, Chief, Knowledge Services Section, Public Information and Knowledge Management Division

• UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - Mr. Cédric Wachholz, Programme Specialist, Communication and Information Sector, Knowledge Societies Division

• World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - Mr. Victor Owade, External Relations Division


MAG Membership 2011-2015